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Chronic Care Management systems allow patients to take an active role in managing their health while facilitating better communication between primary caregivers and patients.

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Leverage Productivity with Chronic Care Management


MyPractice24 offers Chronic Care Management systems that provides assistance to primary care providers, patients, and care givers.

Chronic Care Management (CCM) systems relieve paperwork stress for doctors, specialists, and primary care managers by creating a database for the patient or family member to update with patient-related information.  By storing daily logs, current medications, and current symptoms in an easily accessible location, patients can better communicate with care providers in a timely manner.

CCM systems allows for greater communication, better management, and collaborative care for patients.

Take Your Practice to the Next Level

Better Management

Enable patients to track daily symptoms, manage medications, access their medical history, and share this information with family members or care providers.

Team Collaboration

Provide joint access among care team members and share reminders, memos, and up-to-date information with doctors.

Improved Communication

Quickly access important medical records, review patient symptoms, and access patient medical history.

Easy Access

Information is centrally located to provide ease of access to care members and providers.

Less Hassle

MyPractice24 is designed to help relieve the communication burden on healthcare providers and allow them more time to focus on improving patient’s health, not struggling to communicate.


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